DulseVerb 1.0

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DulseVerb is an algorithmic reverb for Max4Live that recreates the sound of early reverberators. It has three sections: early reflections, diffusion and late reflections.

The plugin was built in Max version 8.1.11 and has been tested with Max4Live from Ableton Live 10.1.42. A version of Ableton which supports Max4Live is required to use this reverb plugin.



ER Delay: Decay time factor of early reflections.

Early Ref: Level of early reflections.

Dwell: Decay time factor of diffused reflections.

Liveness: Amount of feedback added to diffused reflections.

Late Ref: Mixes between the diffused reflections and the output of the stereo matrix filter. Only effects the diffused portion of the reverb.

Input: Gain of the input signal going to the reverb.

Diffusion: Mixes between the early reflections and the diffused reflections.

Bounce: Gain of diffusion filters, unity at 1.00.

Output: Gain of the output of the reverb before mixing with the dry signal.

LR Decay: Decay time factor of late reflections.

Mix: Mixes between the dry signal and the reverb.

Mono/Stereo: Input mode to the reverb. In Mono mode, only the left signal is passed to the reverb. In Stereo mode, both channels are summed and passed to the reverb.

Blend: Narrow the stereo image of late reflections.


To use the reverb, open Ableton Live and drag the DulseVerb-1.0.amxd into the Max4Live folder. A version of at least Ableton Live 10.1.42 with support for Max4Live is required.

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DulseVerb 1.0 Max4Live reverb plugin, manual

Minimum Requirements
Ableton Live 10.1.42 & Max4Live 8.1.11
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DulseVerb 1.0

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