KelpVerb 1.0

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KelpVerb is an algorithmic reverb for Max4Live that recreates the sonic character of recirculation reverberators.

The plugin was built in Max version 8.1.11 and has been tested with Max4Live from Ableton Live 10.1.42. A version of Ableton which supports Max4Live is required to use this reverb plugin.



Decay: Length of diffusion delay lines.

Delay: Length of reflection delay lines.

Cutoff: Cutoff frequency of diffusion filters.

Mix: Mixes between the dry signal and the reverb.

Input: Amount of signal to pass into the reverb.

Feedback: Amount of recirculation in the reverb loop.

Absorb: Cutoff frequency of recirculation filter.

Output: Output level of reverb loop.


To use the reverb, open Ableton Live and drag the KelpVerb-1.0.amxd into the Max4Live folder. A version of at least Ableton Live 10.1.42 with support for Max4Live is required.

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KelpVerb 1.0 Max4Live reverb plugin, manual

Minimum Requirements
Ableton Live 10.1.42 & Max4Live 8.1.11
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KelpVerb 1.0

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